Raqs Shaabi min Luxor

a class designed by Shining to highlight real women's dancing of upper Egypt in contrast to popular theatrical exhibitions of Saidi dance.

Course 1-1.5hrs including exclusive footage from recent weddings and information on popular wedding music.

All course content comes directly from Shining's first hand observations and interactions with the people of Luxor's western villages (Qurna, Tod, Gazira, Baiyrat etc) since moving to Luxor in Sept 2021. This course does not reflect "ghawazee" dance or the regional folk troupe styles. We will be practicing the techniques, formations and types of interaction employed by the real women in these villages when dancing for fun at social events like weddings and engagement parties.

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About the Instructor

Shining is a respected performer and instructor internationally recognized for her research and reconstructions of early raqs sharqi, awalim and ghawazee dancing.

Committed to providing interesting and educational performances and seminars in Egyptian Oriental Dance, her teaching as well as performances have a strong emphasis on the historical and cultural aspects of Raqs Sharqi as elements which contribute an important depth and creativity in this special art form.

In June 2021 she moved to Egypt to expand her understanding of Egyptian culture and arts with a focus on social dance, ghawazee and awalim traditions.

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